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Principal's Corner

New School Year


Dear Champions for Children,


I believe this will be one of the most inspiring, motivating, and academically successfully school years of all time! Last school year, our school received a 31.5 (F) on the federal accountability report card. However, with the hard work of dedicated teachers, students, and administrators, along with the phenomenal instructional leadership support of our district and school board leaders, Mellichamp earned a 94.5 (A) on the federal accountability report this school year. While we are excited about our extraordinary growth, we recognize there is still much more work to be done in order for 100% of our students to reach academic success.


 Keeping with the theme, “It’s Our Time, Failure Is No Option, Success is Mine,” Every day I am excited about the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best educators again, in the world’s best school district of Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5!

This year I expect our school to be the most “well-oiled,” purpose-driven, high performing teaching and learning system in the state of South Carolina! I am convinced that Mellichamp has some of the most innovative, creative, and passionate employees in the district.  Our teachers will be fully implementing the South Carolina College and Career Ready State Standards into their instruction. These are powerful and rigorous standards that are designed to prepare students for colleges and careers. Though these standards will be challenging, it brings the excitement of learning new ways to teach and learn. In addition, the state standards will help us more effectively cause students to reach their dreams of making a significant contribution to our world through our college and career ready instruction!  Our teachers and students are already up to the challenge to impact the world through high quality education! They truly put the “Champ” in Mellichamp!

If you are reading this message, I believe you are a supporter and a change agent to help us in our efforts to build a world-class school system! Thank you for all you do for our school community!




Hayward R. Jean, Principal


Email- hayward.jean@ocsd5.net