Tonya Thomas Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Math, Science


1996 Bachelor's of Science Elementary Education South Carolina State University
2003 Masters in Divergent Learning Columbia College

2006 Education Specialist Degree Cambridge College


I am currently a fourth grade math and science teacher at Mellichamp Elementary School. This year begins my 16th year in education. I am a native of St. Matthews, SC. My parents are Cora and Norris Thomas and I have one daughter, Nyasia. My dream of becoming a teacher began in second grade and I worked very hard to achieve that goal.


Throughout my life I continued to gain as much education that I could. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from South Carolina State University in 1996, Master of Education from Columbia College in 2003, and an Educational Specialist Degree from Cambridge College in 2006.


Throughout my life I had many effective and caring teachers. My fourth grade teacher was the person that helped me decide to become a teacher. She always came to school dressed professionally. She made sure that everyone understood the lesson being taught, and she was able to work with small groups on a daily basis. Her firmness allowed her to teach with minimal interruptions. Even though she was firm, we knew that she cared because of the respect she gave us. She knew everyone’s family because she taught most of our parents, which allowed communication between parents and teacher to be an easy task. Years ago I had a conversation with her about her influence on my decision to teach. She was very proud and excited about my decision. A person never forgets the teacher that made an impact on their lives.


When I see former students, many of them are working or attending college. When I see them I am like a proud mother. Usually they remember me as being a strict teacher, but they thank me for being caring and making sure they learned. Making a positive impact on students’ lives is a tremendous responsibility a teacher. Students watch everything you do whether it is inside or outside of the classroom. Many try to imitate what they see, so I try to be a positive role model inside and outside of the classroom. I am convinced that education is an important profession the best profession to influence the success of society in the future.