Principal's Letter

Mr. Jean

Greetings MelliCHAMPions!

Welcome to the history in the making 2017-2018 school year!  For the first time in the history of our school, our structure has been redesigned to accommodate grades 3, 4 and 5 only.  This equates to smaller class sizes and more personalized learning for our scholars! 

In accordance with our district's motto, "Embrace, Empower and Execute for Excellence," our school's theme this year is "It's Time to Deliver!  Our school community, which is comprised of outstanding community partners, parents, school district leadership, effective teachers and awesome students, is filled with great ideas and plans and now it is time for the whole world to know the greatness in our new structure.  It's Time to Deliver! 

We will deliver on the process to position all students to graduate with life characteristics, world class knowledge and skills, college and career ready.  As an elementary school, we lay the foundation and at Mellichamp, and students are provided world class opportunities.  One of those opportunities is our school's dance program.  Through a partnership with "Tamalyn's Dance Centre," we serve over 100 students three days a week.  Students learn ballet and tap. 

As a means to continue to support the "whole-child", our school was the first to participate in what is now called the Orangeburg Filling Station, a program that supports the community by feeding school children week with healthy food snacks to take home over the weekend.  Our guidance counselor facilitates a buffet of services to meet their emotional, social and mental needs and we even have a golf mentoring program for some of our young men to empower them through the game of golf to think critically and collaboratively through effective communication, on and off the golf course. 

Come see why Mellichamp is one of the most sought after schools in the community to educate students.  When you visit, stop by our inspirational boxing ring to learn how we empower our scholars every week to put the "Champ" in Mellichamp!  


Hayward R. Jean, Principal